I’m trying to take better photos….

…but I’m not sure that I am managing it yet :LOL: I have enrolled on a Craftsy course called “Shoot it”

Have no fear, it’s not nearly as violent as it sounds – and is simply a course about shooting better photos of your products. It’s very convenient because you can watch a new episode whenever you have 10 minutes or so spare – which makes it nice and easy to slot into my busy schedule 😉

So, today’s episode was all about the colour wheel and choosing the right colour background to compliment your product.

This is easier said than done!

In my house, we mostly have cream coloured walls….and cream doesn’t appear to fit anywhere on the colour wheel- which left me a bit perplexed :LOL:

Sam’s lovely fabric is mostly blue with a little yellow  – so in the end I decided to go for split complimentary colours which meant that I could utilise the purple wall in our study, and I braved Fotor to make a photo collage with a cheerful yellow frame 😀

So here it is – but I’m not sure that I have quite cracked the art of product photography yet , so be gentle with me :LOL:

fotor2Sam’s Onbag is a large Onbag Zippy made out of Michael Miller’s Caribbean Blooms fabric  and black sanded twill. The fabric leant itself to a lovely applique on the front pocket 😀


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