Tying Tuesday – using rings with an Onbag classic or baby

I have been thinking about writing a feature post about different ways to tie your Onbag for a while, as it’s a question that always seems to pop up :LOL:  Onbags are a bit like wraps – you can tie them in so many different ways, depending on how you are carrying your child, whether it is a quick pop to the shops or an all-day hike 😉

So when Ruth contacted me a few days ago about using Sling Rings with her Onbag Classic, I decided to grab the nettle and start a regular series of posts.

This is how to use Sling Rings with your ordinary Onbag Classic or Baby. (The Zippy has special loops that make the whole process a bit more streamlined – but it’s still out being tested, so you’ll have to wait for that :p)

1. Thread two sling rings onto the strap of your Onbag.

Thread on your rings.

Thread on your rings.

2. Now tie a knot in your strap, ao that they loops are held in position. You might find that you need to do a double knot if your fabric is a little slippy….otherwise, a single knot should be fine 😉

Tie a knot in your strap

Tie a knot in your strap

3. Tuck away the remainder of the long strap into the body of your Onbag. that way, it won’t keep flapping around and annoy you :LOL:

Tuck away your strap.

Tuck away your strap.

4.  Now thread your other strap through the rings! Ta-dah 🙂

Thread you other strap through the rings, and pop on your bag!

Thread you other strap through the rings, and pop on your bag!

I’d really like to know how you all get on with this – please let me know!

And any action pics would just be fantastic 😉

Next Tying Tuesday will be another one with Sling rings – but this time using the Onbag loops 😉 See you all then!


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