Semi-customs Onbags :o)

For the past couple of months, I have been mulling over the idea of semi-custom Onbags…….but I didn’t quite know how to manage it without having to invest in lots of different fabrics for the linings.

Now, I am usually more than happy to buy fabrics (especially gorgeous print fabrics ;)), but my husband is getting pretty stressed by the amount of fabric that I have in the house :LOL:

At the moment I have nearly 200m of cord and twill fabrics hidden under my bed and I never let him see all the other fabrics that I have stashed away sneakily into various cubby holes – so you see,  buying in more fabric to make semi-customs was a bit of an issue :LOL:

I was delighted when an idea hit me last week! See what you think……

1. You pick your basic fabric from here, as normal.

2. Then, you spend copious amounts of time drooling over the fabrics on this  website, and eventually choose one, change your mind several times, and then come back to the one that you started with :LOL: Then you email me with your fabric choice, and I will buy it for you 😉

3. I order in your fabric, and then we all sit around twiddling our thumbs for a couple of weeks until it arrives.

4.When your fabric arrives, I pre-wash it, and then make it into a beautiful Onbag for you!

5. And all for the same cost as one of my instock Onbags……so a semi-custom Onbag Baby will be £65 + 4pp and a semi-custom Onbag Classic will cost £75 +4pp

(If you decide to go for one of the sublimely beautiful Echino or Kokka prints, then I will have to add on a bit more to cover the extra cost of the fabric ;))

So there we have it! I’m hoping that it will turn out to be a pretty simple process. But just in case it isn’t, I’m only going to offer 4 slots to start with and I will need a non-refundable deposit of £15 to secure your slot 😉

If you’d like a slot, email me at and the first four mamas through the door will get their semi-custom Onbag 🙂



All these slots have gone now-in fact they went within the first two hours 😮

More will be offered soon ;o)


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